How to Contribute ?

  1. Connect your wallet on Binance or Ethereum Network via Metamask or Wallet Connect
  2. Confirm the Signature in your Selected Wallet to Connect to the Site
  3. Select the Contribution Amount from the Table of your chosen network
  4. Press Contribute, Select your Wallet and approve the Transaction from there
  5. Wait for the Transaction to Process, you can refresh the table at the bottom to see your transaction when completed
  6. Always make sure to Reconnect your wallet by refreshing the screen or pressing connect, this wont affect the status of your Transactions
  7. After confirmation on a successful pledge the pop-up will show and your Transaction will be confirm in the bottom table
  8. You will be whitelisted automatically to enter the marketplace of BFK WARZONE on launch and retrieve your tokens
  9. There you'll be able to claim 43% of tokens and 57% you will claim by vesting of 90 days
  10. Note: that sometimes wallets Disconnect or get delays in showing confirmations or approval prompt, this is due to Metamask / Wallet Connect and network Speed. do not worry as any transaction approved or in process will always be completed.
  11. PC Users have less issues and delays then Mobile users, please keep that in mind if you face network problems & Delays

Binance Network

1 BFK = 0.0021 BUSD
  • You will get 0 BFK
  • your contrubtion 0 BUSD
  • contribution left 0 BUSD


BUSD Balance:
Min. contribution: 200
Max. contribution: 1,200

Ethereum Network

1 BFK = 0.0020 USDC
  • you will get 0 BFK
  • your contribution 0 USDC
  • contribution left 0 USDC


USDC Balance:
Min. contribution: 500
Max. contribution: 3000

Contribution History

Network Address Date Contributed Reserved BFK Status My Txns

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